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Auli Weather

Weather - Climate Auli

Measured as the heaven for skiers, Auli is the most sought traveling destination among the common

mass too. Balanced at a formidable altitude of 3000 meter it is also a mind awesome experience for great adventurists. The very natural snowy setting hints at its weather and climatic conditions. In a nutshell we can put the weather in Auli is totally freezing in its peak season is January, moderately cold in most of the year and pleasant throughout June and July. It is best recommended for the tourists to journey between the months of January and March.

Auli is mainly known as a place with low temperature throughout the year. Month of January, it is best season for the skiers across the globe to unite and get pleasure from the fullest of the season to perform their feats of glory. The temperature sometimes drops to -7 degree Celsius. The highest temperature recorded during January is -4 degree Celsius. It's totally chilly and freezing. The temperature rises a bit in the February and touches the zero degree mark; subsequently the rise is well apparent for the highest temperature mounts to 14. Though it is not chilly enough, but very cold considering the lowest temperature of the place.

The winter season is measured up to February and the great climb in the temperature in the following months is a prelude to summer. Here the average temperature hovers around fifteen degree Celsius. June and July which fall under the summer are enjoyable and highest temperature moves up to 20 in June and 8 in July. A soothing shower throughout this period revitalizes the foliages and helps them to bloom. June and July are for those who want scenic nature at its mild form. It is a minor season for tourism.

Till October the soberness of nature embraces Auli. The temperature steeps down to 5 degree Celsius basically at night, though the temperature throughout daytime is 14. The chilly overture to winter can be felt as it slowly moves towards November. The lowest mark drops a single degree to 4, where the highest temperature remains almost the same. The honeymoon couples can enjoy their tour in laps of mountains in the cold yet somber environs. December prepares for the next year's travelers influx when the weather in Auli tends to dip further and touches the freezing point accompanied with infrequent snowfalls.

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