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Tourists Attractions in Auli

Auli Attractions - Nearby Attractions Auli

Auli though measured as one of the best skiing destination, there are other well-known points in Auli. Stunning with the snow drenched crests, lots of native and tourists from world are making their way to Auli. The mounting number always hints at this place's possible to be a big traveler center. Auli is occupied with artificial lakes and temples to add more to the picturesque attractiveness. There are several places like Gusro Bugyal, Chattrakund, Saildhar Tapovan, Kwani Bugyal and Chenab lake. These places fall within the surrounding area of Auli.

Gusro Bugyal : Gusro Bugyal, around 3 kilometers from Auli, is an vast pasture that is placed in a assorted woodland of conifer and oak. It is positioned at an elevation of 3056 metres more than sea plane. An individual can get to Joshimath by the use of the ropeway from Auli. From this point, it is around 1.5 kms away. Nevertheless, in view of the fact that there is no lodging accessible here, as an individual one can merely have a high regard for the attractiveness of the place and come back at nighttime. So it is more or less a whole day's trip.

Distancing 1 km from Gurso Bugyal, in the heart of the forest is a minute pond called Chattrakund that is known for its sweet water. This spot can be vacationed at the same time when guests stopover at Gurso Bugyal. Kwanri is known for it's trekking experience that is around 12 kilometers from Gurso Bugyal. Situated at 3350 mts above sea-level, Kwanri Bugyal is another pick. Many visitors base camp at this place in summer. One of the hotels in Joshimath, Nanda Devi Hotel organizes such campsites where janitors, guides, chefs and go camping gadgets are obtainable. Visiting the place between June and September will be sensible.

Artificial Lake : The world's highest man-made lake is at Auli, right next to the private hotel, Clifftop Club. The government has developed this in view of creating artificial snow on the new ski slopes in the event of low snow fall. The water from this lake will be used to feed the snow guns stationed along the ski slopes and therefore provide a good skiing surface and exend the ski season.

Valley of Flowers : Valley of Flowers as explored by an English trekker back in 1931. The mountain enclosed greenery with more than 500 species of flowers this is regarded as Indi's one of the most protected areas and one of the famous points in Auli. It has also been declared as the National park in the year 1982 and covers almost 87.50 sq km area. It is not only a place to soothe the eyes with natural splendor but a destination for trekkers from India and globe as well. After witnessing all these mesmeric points not an iota of dissatisfaction will be traced in the faces of the tourists and the adventure seeking brave heats.

Ropeway :- Auli also boasts the Asia's longest - 4 km Cable Car / Ropeway (Gondola). It also has a Chair Lift and a Ski-Lift. The upper slopes of Auli host the longest ropeway in Asia. The Ropeway has ten towers of self-supporting steel structures, complete with saddles and shoes. In addition, Auli also offers the luxury of an 800-meter chair lift linking the lower slopes with the upper area. Remote-controlled hydraulic and pneumatic braking system makes it safe to tour in this Trees in Auli chair, which also has a storm-warning device attached to it. Another comfortable scientific contribution to this highland is a state-of-the-art ski lift. Covering a difficult track distance of 4.15 kms in 22 minutes, the ropeway has two cable cars and 10 towers. The ropeway passes over interesting views.

Trekking : Separately from skiing there are some trek options available and below list is some of the trail normally completed in single day Auli - Gorson around 7 km Gorson - Tali around 6 km Tali - Kuari Pass around 11 km Kuari Pass - Khulara around 12 km Khulara - Tapovan around 9 km

Joshimath : Joshimath is imparted with the eye-catching sceneries of grandiose crests, attractive forests, and the outline passing through tranquil backdrop. The snow enclosed slopes of this area are the best appreciated place for brave people. Joshimath encloses more than a few holy shrines out of which Narasimha temple achieves importance more than others. Other shrines include Ganesh, Naudevi, Hanuman, Surya and Gaurishankar. In Joshimath an individual can take pleasure in all the sparkles of a characteristic hill station in addition to the tranquil atmosphere of a pious center. This picturesque place fascinates the dedicated and the sightseers equally with its unmatched exquisiteness and grace.

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